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ALL COURSES FOR 2020 – Cancelled.


It is with regret that I inform you that I have made the decision to cancel ALL courses planned for 2020 Due to the current CORONAVIRUS (COVID – 19) situation.

It is not a decision I have taken lightly. I feel it is better to cancel now, rather than wait and have to back pedal. At least this way it allows you time to plan other CPD and speakers to plan other work. It also takes the hassle out of cancelling, re-planning and reimbursement. I am sure that you are all in the same boat and wondering whether to book onto different things or not in these uncertain times.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and hopefully look forward to seeing you again soon.

Best Wishes and take care of yourselves and families.

Reminders for GDC verifiable evidence.

1. The Core subjects, are they still a requirement?

YES With other governing bodies – CQC, NHS, Health and safety, Resuscitation Council, IR(ME)R guidelines, Safeguarding, employment law, Data protection ETC.

2. The GDC will expect you to assess and choose your CPD Provider and courses carefully and check that they have Quality Assurance in place.
Focus and progress LTD have all verifiable quality assurance in place. (You can check on GDC website for QA guidance for CPD providers).

Our quality assurance includes:

  • Checking speaker’s qualifications and experience
  • Obtaining written feedback at the time of the CPD and evaluated and actioned accordingly
  • Registers to link attendance
  • Peer review
  • Clear aims objectives and outcomes decided with speakers
  • Regular CPD needs assessment
  • Educational teaching methods and audience participation
  • Transparent Verifiable criteria
  • Accurate measure of CPD hours
  • Reflection opportunities on back of certificates
  • Terms and conditions on website
The GDC states on the website under the new E CPD requirements the following:

‘’The GDC does not approve any providers of CPD activity.
You are responsible for selecting CPD that meets the requirements for verifiable activity.
You are also responsible for obtaining and keeping the documentary evidence (e.g. certificates) that is required for your CPD record.
You should use your professional judgement to decide whether or not you believe the CPD activity you have completed meets the requirements for verifiable CPD.

As stated in Section 5.3, the information required from the CPD provider is listed below, and demonstrates that the CPD you have undertaken is verifiable:

  • The subject, learning content, aims and objectives
  • The anticipated GDC development outcomes of the CPD
  • The date(s) that the CPD was undertaken
  • The total number of hours of CPD undertaken
  • The name of the professional who has participated in the CPD activity
  • That the CPD is subject to quality assurance, with the name of the person or body providing the quality assurance
  • Confirmation from the provider that the information contained in it is full and accurate. It should also include your registration number

If you are unsure whether an activity meets the criteria for verifiable CPD, before you start, you should ask the CPD provider to give you written information about how the activity will meet the requirements of verifiable CPD (above) before you agree to take part.
We recommend that all dental professionals, as consumers of CPD, make careful choices when investing time and money in CPD products and services and obtain advance assurances as to the quality and value for money.
We also encourage all CPD providers to make written participant feedback a part of their provision and to respond constructively and promptly where concerns are raised about the quality of products and services.’’

All of our courses meet the requirements above, our certificates will also contain all relevant requirements for you to feel confident that you meet the GDC requirements.

3. The GDC recommends that you carry out a diverse range of activities, with an emphasis on opportunities for discussions and interactive learning with fellow professionals.

Attending courses provides this opportunity.

4. The GDC also want to see that you have linked your CPD to developmental outcomes.

We have done this for you. You can find them on the programme listed for each course and also listed on certificates, along with aims, objectives, hours, title and all other requirements.

Courses for the whole dental team:

Dentists, Dental Nurses, Therapists, Hygienists, Managers, Receptionists, Trainers, Technicians and Students

All courses are held at Bournemouth Hospital - Education Centre.

Full address:
Bournemouth Post Graduate Education Centre
Royal Bournemouth Hospital
Castle Lane East
BH7 7DW (view on a Google Map)

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