Booking Information - Bournemouth

To book any of our courses please either use the PayPal buttons below or download the booking form.

If you are choosing to book and pay with PayPal, please use the PayPal buttons below for the relative course. You can book and pay for multiple courses and multiple attendees. If there are multiple attendees, please ensure you include all the attendees' names.

We have a new format for completing the booking form. It requires everybody’s full name that is booking onto the course. (The name/spelling that you put on the booking form, will be printed onto the certificate). You also need to add your GDC number. (Where applicable). This information is essential for your CPD to be verifiable and quality assured. This will allow us to print names and GDC numbers onto the certificate and email them to the contact email address that is put on the booking form. This is in line with our quality assurance of our courses and the new GDC guidelines.

Please write the names and email address VERY clearly to allow us to print the correct spelling and full name of the attendee.

Please see our Terms and Conditions.



Download the Booking Form »

If using the Booking Form, please print the form and return it with your cheque.

All information is on the booking form

If you are paying for a course by cheque, please make all cheques payable to : The Focus and Progress Company Ltd.

Please see our Terms and Conditions.



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