About Focus and Progress

The Focus and Progress Company Ltd is committed to providing quality training and professional development services including:

  • CPD course provision (Verifiable)
  • Practice development and consultancy.
  • Mentoring and personal development planning
  • Dental nurse qualification course programming/planning/verifying/accrediting/consultancy
  • Planning for ‘In house’ training

We pride ourselves on excellence and strive to deliver quality services.

When choosing a training company/course provider/consultant or mentor, it is vital that they have the relevant qualifications, experience, expertise and current up to date knowledge. We specialise in sourcing speakers, lecturers and consultants that meet these requirements.

The Focus and Progress Company Ltd have built there exceptional reputation by providing a professional, value for money service, that focuses on the client/customers and their requirements.

Verifiable CPD course provision and training

Our aim is to provide relevant, motivational, thought provoking and beneficial learning experiences. To assist individuals and the practice as a whole, to ensure compliance requirements are met in both clinical and non clinical areas. Our courses and lectures meet the GDC verifiable CPD criteria. The speakers we use are highly qualified\experienced in their field. Our speakers lecture worldwide\nationally and locally. Course programmes and lecturers are selected and organised following extensive research in:

  • Areas of need
  • Requirement and legislation
  • Requested subjects
  • Motivational courses
  • New techniques and ideas
  • Feedback and review
  • Enjoyment\’out of the box’ subjects

Julie Shields - Director of the Focus and Progress Company LTD

RDN, Cert Ed, Dip DHE, FEATC, Cert Health Ed, Licentiateship in dental nursing, FGDP Cert Practice Appraisal.

The Company has successfully completed various projects for the NHS, other training establishments, software companies, dental corporates and individual practices. Including work surrounding CQC compliance, clinical governance, practice management and development, 'In house' training and evolving training programmes/courses.

Julies work includes teaching lecturing and training, practice facilitation and development, course programming, personal development and consultancy work.

Julie also works as a DCP tutor/practice facilitator for the Oxford & Wessex Deanery.


Our company works closely with other companies to provide additional services at discounted rates for our customers. They include:
Quiq Solutions – CQC compliance management software company
Peninsular - Employment Law specialists
Peloton – Tax savings specialists for dentists
Daniel Parkin – Financial Advisor, pensions specialist, mortgage advisor.

Please contact us if you are interested in the services/companies above and we can arrange free advice & special rates.

Practice Development and Consultancy Service

We incorporate the most ‘up to date’ information, legislation and guidelines and experience into practice development. Our services include practice appraisal visits to establish practice strengths and requirements, detailed feedback and action plans, guidance documents and templates, staff training solutions, individual tailored needs for practices.

We can assist and guide practices in the development of an action plan, progression through the plan and to maintain standards. Including:

  • Staffing and responsibilities
  • Equipment and maintenance plans
  • Policies and procedures
  • Working practice and practice profile

We also provide consultancy services to assist with

  • Portfolios of evidence - CQC, NHS, Employment law
  • Guidance through CQC and NHS practice visits

Assisting practices working towards:

  • Compliance
  • Best practice
  • Compliance\Best practice maintenance and continuation

Mentoring and personal development planning

To help to get the best out of ones self, it is important to reflect on past experiences, plan for future goals and actually action your plan whether this be for improving personal areas, working situations or career progression and achievements. Sometimes this can be very difficult to do on your own. Having a mentor or assistance with personal development planning can accelerate the process, keep you focused and motivated and help you to discover different options and ideas, that in turn can lead you to challenges, success and your personal goal achievements. We can provide:

  • Mentoring one to one sessions
  • ‘In house’ practice development group sessions
  • Team building sessions/days

Dental nurse qualification course programming, planning, verifying, accrediting, consultancy.

Our company specialises in assisting with accreditation of dental nurse qualification courses and post qualification courses.

We can provide consultancy and development of dental nurse courses.

The company can provide ‘verification’ services.

Verification and consultancy for ‘In house’ training

The Focus and Progress Company Ltd can provide verifiable in house training documentation and guidance on how to host ‘In house’ training. We can provide verifiable certificates, lesson plans, aims and outcomes and evaluation reports and teaching guidance ideas and workshops on any subject.